The Noodoe Exceed DC DC180P charger offers unequaled value for money. That’s because the standard charger only offers 150 kW of fast charging. However, the Exceed DC DC180P EV charger delivers 180 kW for the same price.  It’s a 20% increase for you and your customers to enjoy. This improvement stems from innovation available only from Noodoe EV.

Noodoe EV DC180P level 3 DC electric vehicle charging stations are your answer. They are ideal roadside charging solutions. However, they are also perfect for shopping centers and strategic traffic flow locations. In fact, you can deploy your DC charger anywhere customers need quick recharging options.

Key Benefits

  • 20% increase in charging speed over the industry standard. More-powerful charging for the same price!
  • True simultaneous charging means receiving two chargers for the price of one.
  • Futureproofed design with 950v maximum output. New and future cars can take advantage of increased voltage to receive faster charging.
  • Single-unit architecture simplifies installation.
  • Hands-off management with autonomous station operation for seamless 24/7 monetization.
  • Noodoe EV OS web portal makes managing peak-hour pricing a breeze.
  • All locations can be managed from a central dashboard.
  • Funds transfer automatically, so you never need to worry about where your money is.

Technical specification

Cloud Service: Noodoe EV OS
Max. Output Power: 180 kW
Input Power: 3-phase, 5-wire, 480 Vac, 270 A maximum
Network Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G
Vehicle Connection: CCS1, CHAdeMO
Dimension: 31.5 (W) x 74.8 (H) x 25.6 (D) in / 800 (W) x 1900 (H) x 650 (D) mm
Certification: UL, cETLus